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Please note, this is an online virtual wallet and is NOT secure, your coins can be lost if you DELTETE your cookies or play on another browser/device. You should withdraw your coins and winnings to an offline wallet such as windows wallet or our slack wallet system.

To get a wallet on #Slack join our #Slack community and type the following command - !coinsys balance - This will give you an address to withdraw coins to that is safe and secure, or you may want to download our windows client.

Blockcoin Fruits

Blockcoin Fruits
 Your gaming wallet balance is: 100 BLC

High Prize Fruits
Strawberry Grapes Melon
Winning Combinations
4x - in a row (from left) - 500 coins
3x - in a row (from left) - 250 coins
JACKPOT! - 1000 coins

5 high prize fruits in a row wins.
- Double Jackpot Winner -

5x bitcoin(s) - DOUBLE JACKPOT - 2000 coins

Lucky Dip - 75 coins
1, 3 & 5 - Any fruit wins.
Any Fruit Combination
2x - in a row (from left) - 5 coins
3x - in a row (from left) - 10 coins
4x - in a row (from left) - 25 coins

Race Night

Tune in with DJ ScottyT on Saturday & Sunday evenings from 8PM and win big with his race night at the horses. You will always get at least 2/1 on our horses and the more people betting on the same horse the better the odds and the more the house puts in! 5 playsers bet on horse 2 pushes the odds to 5/1, 10x players 10/1....

 Min Bet: 10 Coins | Max Bet: 1000 Coins - Your gaming wallet balance is: 100 BLC

  Race Stats